Shane Alderman Trust

Supporting Disabled and Paralympic Athletes

Matthew Robertson

We have been supporting Matthew for 3 years now and it has been a privilege to see how far he has progressed. We are pleased to say that the Civil Service Insurance Society (CSIS) matched our support last year and they have generously decided to support Matthew again this year.

Matthew has had an incredibly busy year globetrotting the world, and has been doing so with astonishing success. In fact, just last month (January), Matthew, who is now 20, was presented with awards at the 60th Anniversary of the Annual British Cycling Awards for both his success as a national champion, and for setting national and world records.

We went to see Matthew at a Cycling World Cup event last year at the London Velodrome and the speed with which the cyclists, both able bodied and disabled, were going around the track was truly frightening.

Given how quickly Matthew is progressing, he could well be in the GB Paralympic Cycling Team at the Tokyo Paralympics on the assumption that the Games goes ahead given the current coronavirus outbreak.

If Matthew does make the team, we, of course, wish him and the rest of the cycling team, all the very best.

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